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STORE CLOSING FOREVER JULY 31st 2024 | Huge Sale Learn More

Store Closing Forever

Store Closing Forever


My First Piano and The Grand Piano Store will be closing their doors permanently on JULY 31st 2024. We have been acquired by an exciting new company called Next Gen Pianos. The Wallace family will still retain ownership and Sherri will move over as director of operations. Next Gen Pianos will be opening their first location on August 1st 2024.

In the meantime, EVERYTHING must go! My First Piano and The Grand Piano store have a combined 289 pianos that must sell by the end of the July. This will be the largest piano sale in the history of AZ. Crazy deals to be had including half price on all used pianos. We have a huge selection of new Yamaha pianos including uprights, Clavinovas, hybrids, grands and Disklaviers. We also have a lot of scratch and dent models, rental returns, trade in's and consignment pieces. There will be so many pianos that it will be impossible to keep our online inventory up to date. Feel free to call or text our direct sales line at 480-669-9911 to check on availability and discover the best deals.