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Get more from your acoustic piano

  • 1000's of live piano performances right in your living room
  • Record and playback your own music
  • Silent practice feature allows you to play at all hours day or night without disturbing anyone! When the tv is on, someone is doing their homework, the baby is sleeping, the dog is barking or it's late at night and you need to practice, this feature is a life saver!

Watch this video where Jeremy demonstrates all the advantages that come with adding a Disklavier to your acoustic Yamaha grand piano.



My First Piano and The Grand Piano Store are merging into a new company called Next Gen Pianos (learn more about Next Gen here). This is an upward move for us and we are very excited to open up our new store location in Chandler once the school season starts. Stay tuned for breaking news. In the meantime, EVERYTHING must go! My First Piano and The Grand Piano store have a combined 289 pianos that must sell by the end of the July. This will be the largest piano sale in the history of AZ. Crazy deals to be had including half price on all used pianos. We have a huge selection of new Yamaha pianos including uprights, Clavinovas, hybrids, grand, and Disklaviers. We also have a lot of scratch and dent models, rental returns, trade in's and consignment pieces. There will be so many pianos that it will be impossible to keep our online inventory up to date. Feel free to call or text our direct sales line at 480-669-9911 to check on availability and discover the best deals.

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The most advanced player piano in the world

Designed by Yamaha.

The Disklavier is a multi use instrument designed for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you are entertaining guests, having a nice dinner with the family, or just by yourself reading a good book, the Disklavier option adds an element of enjoyment, luxury and sophistication to your world class Yamaha grand piano.

The non-contact Optical Fiber Grayscale Shutter Sensing System senses for the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity for all 88 notes as well as pedal movement. This technology allows the piano to perfectly reproduce the nuances and dynamics of the original performance.

Disklavier radio gives you instant access to over 30 stations of player piano music in all genres. Chose from Jazz, Classical, Pop, Christmas stations and many more.

Control the piano from multiple smart devices from anywhere in the room. Seamless compatibility with mobile devices, smartphones and computers allows intuitive access to all of the instrument's exclusive content and unique capabilities.

It's always easier and more inspiring to tackle a piece of music when you know what's it's supposed to sound like. With the Disklavier not only can you hear a song played perfectly, you can watch the piano play it for you. To get you started, the Disklavier comes with a sheet music book of 50 classic piano pieces with all of the songs built right into the Ipad app for instant playback!

This is the feature that makes this piano so different from other grand pianos. When you plug in a nice pair of studio headphones, the silent mode stops the hammer from striking the string and allows the player to practice in complete silence. With each key you press, you are hearing a CFX 9' concert grand sample coming through the headphones in high definition. It's a bit shocking when you first play it because it sounds like you are performing your piece in a concert hall. Most digital pianos have this feature but the difference with the Disklavier is that you get to perfect your touch and technique on a high end acoustic grand action and not a simulated action.

On your Ipad, you simply press the record button, start playing, and the Disklavier fiber optic sensors will record every keystroke perfectly. Even when you think you have a song perfected, hearing your own song played back for you is like hearing your voice on tape, you can really hear all of the flaws and figure out how to play the song better. Once you make that perfect recording, you can export it on a thumb drive and email it to friends and family. This is a cool feature if you are writing your own music, perfecting a piece of music, or want to share your child's recital piece. I recommend keeping copies of all you child's recital songs so you can go back and listen to their progress over the years.

Older systems had unsightly boxes hanging from the front. Since it's wireless, all the electronics are hidden from sight.

Most player piano systems require the installer to cut holes in the keybed to install solenoids after the piano is already on the showroom floor or in your house. The Disklavier acoustic grand piano not only offers more features and a bigger library of music, it is designed from the ground up to be a player piano and all of the technology is integrated into the piano during production making it the most seamless and sophisticated reproducing piano on the market.